Thursday, 23 June 2011


One of the intentions of asana, or the physical postures of yoga, is to prepare us for meditation. The definition for the word asana is "seat" or "to sit". Asana practice serves to strengthen our body so we can sit still in meditation. It also serves to balance our body, breath and mind so that we can come to stillness and quietness in our mind.

But sometimes, it also just feels really good to move! To hold, to stretch, to feel strong, to feel energy flow. This morning I had some time to enjoy my asana practice, and I felt a great joy in moving and being in my body.

I began with some slow sun salutations, as my body slowly woke up from a good night's sleep. I was aware of every joint, every muscle, beginning to open up as I stretched. I felt some pops, felt some tweaks, felt my back come into alignment as I did my forward folds, cobras and downward dogs. And I enjoyed it!

I did some standing poses, triangle, parsvottanasana, and warrior 2. I felt my muscles begin to awaken, felt my side body stretch, felt my legs activate and energize. And I enjoyed it!

I did some forward bends, both standing and sitting. My hamstrings and glutes were tight from biking a lot the last few days, and it felt delicious, to feel them warm up and loosen. Yep, I fully enjoyed it!

I love the quiet, still moments of yoga. I love the sitting and "simply being" parts of yoga. But today, I was aware of loving the physical part of yoga. To be aware of how incredible the human body is, to feel muscles and tendons and joints and skin work together in movement. To feel energy flow through me as I move. I am so grateful for my healthy strong body. It is a delightful gift to celebrate!!

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