Monday, 12 September 2011

a new season...

Fall is upon us. Though the sun is still strong, there is a different feeling in the air. Evenings are cooler. The leaves are beginning to change. and the hours of sunlight are decreasing. I've had such an amazing summer, and loved the sun so much, I feel a little sadness at the end of the summer season. However, as the seasons teach us, change is inevitable. Nature changes all the time. Our beautiful world depends on these changes, to survive. There are times of obvious growth, times of hot, slow lethargy, times of wet stormy days, times of cold where the earth seems to draw inward and hibernate. I have to confess, I am a big fan of the greenness and growth of springtime, and the heat and slowness of summer. It suits my personality a lot. But I do appreciate the importance of the other seasons. Fall brings with it the change of colours, the sunny days where I delight in walking and feeling the sun on my face still, the cool evenings where you just want to cuddle. It also reminds us that winter is coming, the time to slow down and insulate and take care of ourselves in a slow, cozy way.

As seasons change on our earth, seasons change in our lives as well. It seems that nothing stays as it is for long. Everything is temporary. Jobs change. Relationships change. People come into our lives, for a time and a purpose, and sometimes leave. Sometimes we change where we live. How we eat. How we sleep. Our friends change, our lovers change, we change. It is inevitable. So, rather than fighting change, we might as well embrace it. Cause it's gonna happen!! When we're in a season that feels wonderful to us, we can enjoy it, savour it, live each moment fully. And when the season changes, and things feel uncomfortable, slow, stagnant, or stormy, we can observe it, notice how we feel, embrace it and allow ourselves to be. Knowing, in all seasons, that everything is temporary, and things will shift and change soon enough.

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