Thursday, 7 July 2011

Yoga on the Road

Well, I'm half-way through my fabulous road trip along the coast of California. It is so beautiful here! I am amazed by the sights along the coast, and am fully enjoying the chilled-out vibe here - surfers and yoga and all things organic :)

I began my trip in Vegas, where I met my road-trip partner, a lovely friend from my university years. We began our trip with a yoga class at a studio there. It was labeled a stress-releasing class. It was lovely - very slow, very restorative.  A cross between a yin class and a restorative yoga class. There were lots of props to use (bolsters, pillows, blankets, straps). Props are wonderful, because they allow us to relax more deeply into a pose, sometimes. There were lots of long exhalations, holding poses for 2 or 3 minutes, and resting and releasing. The teacher was very knowledgeable, and very warm in her instructions. She gave a lot of adaptations, and really supported people on an individual basis. I learned a lot from her and her teaching. I am grateful to her. It was a perfect way to begin a vacation!

So far on this journey, I've been to La Joya, Encinatas (loved this, so many yoga studios here!!), stayed in Carlsbad, stayed in LA, hung out on the beaches in Santa Monica and Laguna Beach, and drove 9 hours up the coast, on Hwy 1, seeing such beautiful vistas of the cliffs and shoreline. Now, as I rest in a lovely home in Monterey, I can take a moment to appreciate all I've seen. There is such beauty here, such a vast variety of scenery, from desert, to lush greenery, roaring oceans,  mountains and flat lands. The people are... people. Generous, more relaxed than those I know in my regular city living, but simply people. 

Most mornings I've tried to continue my practice. Some asana, some meditation. I am very aware, as I'm away from my normal routines, that my body and mind are a little altered. It's challenging to find healthy things to put into my body, especially with hours and hours of driving. And sitting for so long definitely alters how my bodily processes are working!! But a few twists and forward bends and squats always help keep things moving smoothly ;). Meditation helps keep me centered and quiet in my mind, when I'm moving from town to town, energy to energy. It's different than it would be at home in my space. My body feels different, my mind is processing different things, I'm experiencing different situations and opportunities. And I think that's a good thing! It reminds me that everything is always changing. Everything is transitory. All we can do is breathe, and ride it out. And take in some gorgeous scenery along the way! 

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