Wednesday, 1 April 2015

sunshine and ease

I'm happy to report, Day 6 feels easier:) The cramping has almost completely disappeared, and though I woke with an ache in my head, it's faded as the day passes. I wonder if its because those herbal pills contain a diuretic, and therefore decrease the body's electrolytes. I wonder if a doctor would think this is healthy. Maybe not. Likely not. I'll just make sure I'm hydrating well.

Delicious steel cut oats and berries and nuts for breakfast; coconut-oil-fried brown rice with toasted almonds and tilapia and a perfectly ripe avocado for lunch. Just finished a pear for snack, and I'm feeling good. My cravings are still there, usually when I'm around others with yummy food. In the staff lunch room today, there was pasta and poutine and grilled cheese, and I'm not going to lie, I coveted those meals. deeply. but as long as I fill my belly and don't let myself get hungry, I'm ok.

Tonight's plan is homemade spaghetti sauce - ground chicken, fresh tomatoes, tomato paste, onions, garlic, zucchini and peppers. I think I'll have to eat it on some brown rice, because rice pasta is made of rice flour, and flour is a no-go on this cleanse. think "flour+water=wallpaper paste", and you can understand why it's not allowed on this program intended to clean out the pipes!! Oooh, I could have it on spaghetti squash! Even better!!

Onwards and upwards. This is (mostly) fun. I am feeling good.

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